Jerwood Painting Fellowships 2013.
Fantastic work from Anthony Faroux, Susan Sluglett and Sophia Starling!
Open 12-5pm, each day until Saturday.

Jerwood Painting Fellowships 2013.

Fantastic work from Anthony Faroux, Susan Sluglett and Sophia Starling!

Open 12-5pm, each day until Saturday.


A selection of works on show in our current exhibition To Wander, To Lust - recent paintings by Alec Cumming

A short sampler from our current Tony Hill installation - catch it live before the show ends this Saturday 23 November

*COMING SOON* to the Gallery at NUA: To Wander, To Lust

Recent paintings by NUA graduate Alec Cumming

More photos from our current Tony Hill exhibition.

A must-see for anyone interested in sculpture, architecture, new media or art.

Tony Hill: video projection and installation

12 - 23 November

Norwich University of the Arts and The Forum bring artist and film-maker Tony Hill to their city-centre galleries throughout November. The Gallery at NUA will show two recent installations, The Doors and The Pool alongside some of Hills ingenious filming rigs, bringing sculptural objects and moving image together to create an exhibition of contemporary artwork.

Born in London in 1946, Hill studied architecture and sculpture and makes experimental short films that are somewhere between sculpture and cinema. 

Applying his interest in space, place, viewpoint and orientation to his practice, Hill’s bizarre and sometimes humorous vantage points make us rethink our assumptions about perspective, gravity, scale and movement.

Developing his own camera rigs and ingeniously using mirrors and unusual lenses he exploits the great potential for film to make us see things differently and to show us the world afresh.

Hill has been working as an independent film-maker since 1973, usually taking on all aspects of production and often developing and building his own equipment.  He also works with installation, photography and sound.  He taught film and video from 1982 until 2002 at the University of Derby becoming Professor of Film at Plymouth College of Art from 2004 until 2011.

Hill has shown work at many galleries and film festivals worldwide and his award winning films have been broadcast across the world and published in both the UK and Japan. 

Visitors to The Fusion Gallery at the Forum will find unexpected vantage points within Hill’s installation and film work, displayed on the huge digital screens ideally suited to large format projections.  The exhibition at the Fusion Screen is open from 4 – 16 November, 10 – 5pm, Closed Sunday.  Entry is free.

unpicking and rebinding is an exhibition by Les Bicknell, NUA Senior Lecturer in Textiles, of artworks made in response to a number of objects held within three archives; The Textile and Costume Collection at Norwich Museum, Museum of East Anglian Life (MEAL) and Suffolk County Council Archive. The new work is shown alongside photographs of some of the many objects that have inspired him.

Les has mapped his exploration through the collections - looking at the opportunities for creative starting points that the objects provide and how connections can be made between the pieces and subsequent art work. A particular link is one made between the construction of the smock through the process of smocking and the ploughed land worked by the people who wore the smocks.

The new work focuses on the idea of the fold, its role and purpose; the opportunity of concealment, decoration and practical applications, celebrating the skill and craft of book binding and stitching but also seeking to challenge traditional ways of working to make intriguing and fascinating contemporary objects.

The exhibition sets out to find links, encouraging people to think about how the collections could be used and to consider how individuals could work with the material in new ways, inspiring them to make new work, learning from the past to make work in the present for the future.

One-day pop up exhibition at the NUA Gallery,

31 October, 10 - 5pm

The Gallery at NUA presents a vibrant programme of exhibitions by internationally recognised artists, designers and media practitioners. Exhibitions are accompanied by seminars and lectures delivered by exhibitors, specialists and curators which enrich the experience of our students and public visitors alike. The aim of this blog is to supplement the exhibition programme, providing a space for research and information relevant to gallery activity.

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